Baby Girl Hats – Varieties Of Styles

baby-girl-hat-image-3A baby girl brings great joy to the family and preparations for this bundle of joy normally begin way before the baby is born. Shopping for a baby can be very exciting when the proper preparations are made. You can however end up spending a lot of time trying to locate what is best for your baby if you are ill prepared.

There are a number of baby accessories that you will require and one of them is the baby girl hat. Your baby has been warm in the womb for nine months. She should therefore be warm once she is received into this world and that is why hats make an important part of the baby’s attire.

Flower Hats

One of the more popular baby girl hats are the flower hats. These are hats which have flowers on them through different ways. The flowers can be attached to the hats or they can be stitched onto the hats. There are other hats which have flowers painted onto them or you can even find hats that are in the shape of a flower. Flower hats can be found in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. They will make your little girl look all the more adorable.

Ear Flap Hat

Baby girl hats should provide sufficient warmth for the child and the ear flap hat does this very well. This is a hat that is made with sides that are long enough to cover the ears. In addition, there are ear flap hats whose sides are braided into a long rope. This hat is made from soft yarn that is woven and some hats come with a fur lining to keep your girl sufficiently warm and cozy.

Sun Hats

Tbaby-girl-hat-image-2he sun hats are a type of baby girl hats that are used during the warm summer weather. Sun hats protect your baby from the sun when you have to go outdoors with her. The best sun hats have a wide brim and are made from fabric like cotton that is light in weight. The fabric should dry easily to ensure that the child does not experience wetness from sweat.

The hats normally have a strap to keep the hat securely in place. It is recommended that the hat has two straps which are tied at the center. Hats which have one strap can cause your little one to get strangled when they are playful and active.

Reversible Hats

A reversible hat is one that can be used on either side. The hat normally has different prints on both sides. One side can have a floral print while the other side can have a uniform color while the trims can have the floral trim of the other side. Reversible hats can have large brims and they can also have flaps to protect the neck of your baby.


baby-girl-hat-image-1One of the baby girl hats that has been around for a long time is the bonnet. The bonnet covers the ears of the girl and gives her face a great feminine look. The hat has a ruffled outline and has a long tie which is closed below the chin. The hat is normally made from cotton and is a choice hat on a warm summer day.